The KSC Scavenger Hunt!

Let's get started! (You'll need Flash to play this game)

STEP 1: Click HERE to download an answer sheet, or just use a blank piece of paper.

STEP 2: Click on theScavenger Hunt Icon symbol below marked "1" to get the first question. Follow the link to find the answer!

Explore these pages to find questions!


Explore the areas of the site marked above - our Home Page, Zero Waste, Animal Smarts and Meals on Mars - to find more Scavenger Hunt Iconsymbols. There are 12 symbols to find! Use the drop menu at the top of the page to visit these areas of the site, and find the symbols and the questions. Have fun!

STEP 4: Write down all your answers on your sheet.

STEP 5: Once you've completed all 12 questions, return to this page andTake the Quiz!

Submit your answers and see how many you got right!

Keep submitting your answers, and when they're all correct, you'll win a Magic Chameleon!

Click on the symbol below to get started!